28 February 2010

WHO IS THE ODD MAN OUT - and more importantly - WHY??

Lord Stevenson: former chairman, HBOS

 Sir Fred Goodwin: former chief executive, RBS

 Andy Hornby: former chief executive, HBOS

 Sir Tom McKillop: former chairman, RBS

 John McFall MP: chairman of Treasury Select Committee

 Alastair Darling: Chancellor of the Exchequer

 Gordon Brown: Prime Minister and former Chancellor

 Sir Terry Wogan: presenter of Radio 2's Breakfast Show

 You're probably thinking

 Terry Wogan.

 You're right.

 However, the reason may surprise you...........

Terry Wogan is the only one out of this motley crew who actually holds any formal banking qualification!

24 February 2010

Could you drive down a street painted like this?

Great Crevase Edgar Mueller. Hard work: Together with up to five assistants,Mueller painted all day long from sunrise to sunset. The picture appeared on the East Pier in Dun Laoghaire , Ireland , as part of the town's Festival of World Cultures

He spent five days, working 12 hours a day, to create the 250 square metre image of the crevasse,

Which, viewed from the correct angle, appears to be 3D. He then persuaded passers-by to complete the illusion by pretending the gaping hole was real.

.'I wanted to play with positives and negatives to encourage people to think twice about everything.They see,' he said. 'It was a very scary scene, but when people saw it they had great fun playing on It and pretending to fall into the earth. 'I like to think that later, when they returned home, they might reflect more on what a frightening scenario it was and say, "Wow, that was actually pretty scary"..'

Mueller, who has previously painted a giant waterfall in Canada , said he was inspired by the British 'Pavement Picasso' Julian Beever, whose dramatic but more gentle 3D street images have featured in the Daily Mail

Could You Drive on a Street Like This

23 February 2010

Labour's Bully Boys-We Can't Go On Like This

    So Gordon is a bully - or is he? Is he just he head of a government of bullies? The present administration has forced through its will,whether that be war with Iraq or a ban on hunting  or smoking. It has passed a plethora of unwanted  and unneeded legislation using bully boy tactics:whips, Scottish MPs voting on English issues (which they said wouldn't happen)And wheeling in invalids to vote in the lobbies.This government is tired and defunct of ideas. The original principles of the Labour party have been cast overboard in a headlong rush for power at any price.
  Is smiley David Cameron any better? Has the Tory leopard changed its spots.I don't think so, it's the Labour party that has changed The red garden rose has become dog-eared and torn; eaten away by insects and caterpillars from within.They metamorphosed from a socialist party with principles to an autocratic,dictatorship with bully boys in chief: Cameron & Mandelson pulling the strings.Mrs T may not have been universal liked in fact the opposite emotion springs to mind, but she was not a wolf in sheep's clothing.You got what you saw.The Tory party has always looked after its won .Isn't it time Labour  did the same
  The 2010 election has more independent candidates than ever before in recent memory.Is it time to ditch traditional party politics and go for coalition ,partisan government? Vince Cable, the Liberal, would make an excellent Chancellor for example,and perhaps dynamic Dave would be a good leader but why complement him with other principled,experienced, and dare I say it, honest men from any party or corner of the House.Let's have a government for Britain, not for individuals.
"A future:fair for all" ,the new labour slogan surely means equality, equals rewards for equal effort.It doesn't mean 400 individuals earning over £10million and only 65 of them paying UK tax.It doesn't mean working people being squeezed from all sides while bankers trouser massive bonuses "We can't go on like this" as the conservatives would say, on that I agree with them!

The Grumpy Old Blog:Labour's Bully Boys-We Can't Go On Like This

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