16 November 2013

Britain ripe for revolution?......or would we rather watch the X Factor

I've not posted for a long time mainly because there has been nothing to grumble at: our wonderful country is being beautifully run into the ground by the Tory/Lib Dem coalition; David Cameron is visiting Sri Lanka despite its appaling human rights record;Europe just keeping poking its' nose in where it doesn't belong, spending our money, on according to the Daily Mail a 'gravy train' (surely it would all run out of the carriages?) perhaps thats why the trains don't run on time. Secret phone taps, secret armies - see Stuart Cowans excellent blog on this at facebook The list is endless, and now of the recession has offially ended courtesy of the Bank of England we can all look forward to higher wages ? believe that when I see it Higher interest on our savings? Higher prices in the shops , higher fuel bills: Everything is looking up according to the Canadian Governor of the Bank. Well it probably is in London or Toronto, especially Toronto I hear its a 'cracking ' city ! To be honest I've just been plain lazy but now I read we in the UK can expect to pay significantly higher than inflation electricity,gas & water bill rises for the next 17 , yes SEVENTEEN years. Evidently this is to pay for neglected infrastructure.Perhaps I'm missing something but aren't the utility companies privatised now ? Shouldn't shareholders pay towards the rebuilding of their own businesses? Are they going to take a higher than inflation hit on their dividends for the next 17 years ? Watch this space !With wages being kept low and council cutting services you would think Britain is ripe for revolution (Was it Russell Brand who postulated that theory recently, well enough said about him!) No the protest songs are all left in the sixities, the militantcy died in the 70s The only thing now that would get Britainany where near a revloution would be permenant ban on XFactor,Britains Got Talent or I'm A Dickhead Get Me Out Here! hopefully all three please. But heaven forbid what would they do with the space in the schedules, they might have show more important stuff like what's going in the world or in the country; but then again would anybody watch unless they could press a red button to interact and vote someone off. There's an idea for elections, referendum and all important legislation, televise the debate and let us vote with the red button; that is of course assuming we haven't all fallen asleep like some of our elected officials do. (even when they know that parliament is being televised)

28 November 2012

Nanny state & health

Isn't it time the 'nanny state' (Apologies to the Daily Mail) stopped treating everyone like schoolkids. Lets hike up the price of alcohol for all to stop a few idiots. I remember being at school when the whole class was kept in because no-one would admit to the misdemeanor. Why not punish more severly the wrongdoers or is that too radical ? First an all out attack on smokers, who by the way put more into the state by way of tax in general, than they take out through healthcare. Then a blitz on binge drinking, of which I'm in favour but not at the expense of everyone else!A tax on fatty foods has been proposed, even higher parking fees to quote "encourage motorists to walk more" Whilst all this concern from a government about the nations health may well be laudable most of the lifestyle choices are a result of socio-economic conditions . There is an almost perfect correlation between poverty and poor health areas. The government would therefore be better off employing resources to alleviate the poverty and improve health with real money and education.

5 August 2011

What Recession..not here Guv

If you've got 50p in change in your pocket you're probably richer than the United States. Europe too is in crisis:Greece,Portugal,Ireland,UK now Italy; the world is in a financial spin. Well so some would say!.Can't we find the guy who everyone owes all this money to and kill him?

Seriously though is it real or just figures on a computer screen somewhere. There appears to money for the Olympics, billions of it,money to bomb people out of their homes in far off lands, money to send to the other side of the world so foreign governments can misappropriate it - or worse still buy arms from us to kill their own people.There's money for bankers bonuses but not for the sick & the lame.And there's road works EVERYWHERE !!

Outside of the Olympic obsessed capital there is another world where pubs, factories and shops close down every day, perhaps there is a case for a separate government for London as in the old city state of Venice. at least that way politicians would have to bother themselves with the riff-raff out in the sticks. Plus we wouldn't have to listen to all the claptrap about how well everything is going, how full the restaurants are and the booming City economy. There is life outside London..and I for one don't give a damn about rich athletes, poverty stricken bankers and politicians who think the world ends at Watford

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