5 August 2011

What Recession..not here Guv

If you've got 50p in change in your pocket you're probably richer than the United States. Europe too is in crisis:Greece,Portugal,Ireland,UK now Italy; the world is in a financial spin. Well so some would say!.Can't we find the guy who everyone owes all this money to and kill him?

Seriously though is it real or just figures on a computer screen somewhere. There appears to money for the Olympics, billions of it,money to bomb people out of their homes in far off lands, money to send to the other side of the world so foreign governments can misappropriate it - or worse still buy arms from us to kill their own people.There's money for bankers bonuses but not for the sick & the lame.And there's road works EVERYWHERE !!

Outside of the Olympic obsessed capital there is another world where pubs, factories and shops close down every day, perhaps there is a case for a separate government for London as in the old city state of Venice. at least that way politicians would have to bother themselves with the riff-raff out in the sticks. Plus we wouldn't have to listen to all the claptrap about how well everything is going, how full the restaurants are and the booming City economy. There is life outside London..and I for one don't give a damn about rich athletes, poverty stricken bankers and politicians who think the world ends at Watford

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