24 September 2010

Council tax revaluation is ruled out Thanks for nothing !

So the Lib Dems have decided to save us all some money by not re-evaluating our houses, Gee thanks , shame no one was interested in saving us money when Council Tax was rising year on year alongside a decline in services. Is there any rules about what councils have to spend our money on , apart from salaries & pensions of their staff of course ( Something else which seems to rise year on year despite the recession) .
Refuse collection is now fortnightly or when they feel like it. recycling is token many different systems,colours and boxes, none of which integrate or make any sense.There is even talk about fines for not putting the right rubbish in the right box, despite the fact that in most cases I suspect they all get dumped in the same hole in the ground somewhere.
Street lights may be turned off to save money, muggings may increase but that's a different budget so it wont matter. Old peoples homes are closed, Children's playgrounds are left devoid of equipment or are ploughed up altogether to build more houses to collect more council tax. This insidious tax has inexorably increased in direct proportion to the decline in facilities that it is supposed to pay for. With most ordinary workers wages frozen or in many cases reduced how can any increase in council tax be justified ?s So Mr Cameron don't pretend you are doing me a favour by not revaluing my property . Could it be your mate live in well undervalued residences I wonder , or am just an old cynic ?

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