14 April 2010

Bad Mobile Reception ?

7 April 2010

None of the Above!

   Will the General Election bring a change whoever you vote for ? 65% of constituencies are fixed, so called safe seats  & would return the candidate if he was  a one legged river dancer. Basically your choice is for the Tories who will cut services & raise tax or Labour who will cut services & raise tax, & possibly Lib Dems who promise lots but should they ever get to power would cut services & raise tax. Very few modern politicians  have actually done any work in the sense that 'normal' people would understand it. They appear to have no concept of honesty, integrity  or live in the real world. True there's good & bad in all parties , so why do the bad apples keep rising to the top. Peter Mandelson has resigned twice & yet still manages to to get the higher echelons of his party, and who voted for him ? no one!
   I believe you should vote. It is part of the democratic process, If you don't you don't really feature in the statistics apart from a low turnout figure. If however you attend the polling station draw a line through the candidates  & write None of the Above  then you are recorded ,as a spoilt paper. A dream senario would be a massive turnout a  high member of spoilt papers. Could we even get  to a situation where None of the Above was the majority.? Wouldn't that send shock waves to Westminster ?
  Don't waste your vote  protest & make them listen  follow Vote 4noneofem on Twitter & join the Facebook group:None of The Above let's show them we do have a voice & HOW POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE !

1 April 2010

Immigration is a Dirty Word

   Immigration is such a dirty word in this country. With an election looming non of the major parties want to initiate a discussion about it. We are a small island irrespective of colour creed or religion unfettered immigration puts massive strain on the infrastructure. Tabloids daily produce scare stories :"Asylum Seeker has Gender op on the NHS"  "Immigrant  Allowed to Stay Despite Conviction" "Lithuanian found living in Shed at the Bottom of My Garden"etc etc How much truth there is in these headlines depends on who you believe, but either way is it not time we as a country called time on unlimited immigration until the people already here can be successfully housed,fed & cared for.

  Further still this multi-cultural experiment, which in the PC world of we live in is the all embracing creed,is in reality a myth. Before you start screaming at the screen I have no problem with multi-racial society, it is the multi-cultural bit with which I argue. Many people confuse culture with genes. A person of Indian descent for example born in the UK is genetically Indian . He may adopt all the western culture he likes and could therefore be English in culture. He may on the other hand remain Indian in culture and follow all the customs , and fashions of his family. Both situations are equally valid. But the cultures do not mix, hence the formation of ghettos within a lot of cities in the UK. The contrast of architecture ,customs  and language throughout the world is what makes it so diverse and interesting. How boring would it become if every country was the same hotchpotch of cultures with no difference between them ? The classic thatched cottage of the English village, the dreamy spires of Oxford  so be retained and not lost beneath spinnerets and plastic domes just because councils are too frightened to say no.
   The integration of immigrants into a nation should also be subject to the law of the land and not change existing legislation to accommodate their beliefs. It is considered unchristian and indeed a crime to be cruel to animals for instance in the UK . You cannot, even in a slaughter house kill an animal without pre stunning. Quite right too!. However it is legal to do so in Halal and Kosha slaughter houses, Why is it that something which most right minded individuals in the host country find offensive is allowed to carry on in the name of another religion . Perhaps I could start a religion which demand that all animals should be clubbed to death, presumably it would be my human right to be allowed to practice that religion? I am not advocating discrimination but the opposite I want equality. I want indigenous people to be treated the same as immigrants, is that so wrong?

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