7 April 2010

None of the Above!

   Will the General Election bring a change whoever you vote for ? 65% of constituencies are fixed, so called safe seats  & would return the candidate if he was  a one legged river dancer. Basically your choice is for the Tories who will cut services & raise tax or Labour who will cut services & raise tax, & possibly Lib Dems who promise lots but should they ever get to power would cut services & raise tax. Very few modern politicians  have actually done any work in the sense that 'normal' people would understand it. They appear to have no concept of honesty, integrity  or live in the real world. True there's good & bad in all parties , so why do the bad apples keep rising to the top. Peter Mandelson has resigned twice & yet still manages to to get the higher echelons of his party, and who voted for him ? no one!
   I believe you should vote. It is part of the democratic process, If you don't you don't really feature in the statistics apart from a low turnout figure. If however you attend the polling station draw a line through the candidates  & write None of the Above  then you are recorded ,as a spoilt paper. A dream senario would be a massive turnout a  high member of spoilt papers. Could we even get  to a situation where None of the Above was the majority.? Wouldn't that send shock waves to Westminster ?
  Don't waste your vote  protest & make them listen  follow Vote 4noneofem on Twitter & join the Facebook group:None of The Above let's show them we do have a voice & HOW POWERFUL SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE !

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