31 January 2008

Nuclear Power ? ...Oh Goody

So we are to have Nuclear Power provide our energy needs. Great! We can no longer smoke in numerous so called 'public places' (including my own car by the way) because of the threat to health of 'passive smoking'. We have to wear a seat belt in case we crash our cars, we can't use hand mobiles because of radio waves.We can't eat certain foods because unsaturated this and saturated that, is bad for us, and so on and so forth. The Nanny state looks after our health so as we don't end up in hospital. (This is not ,contrary to popular belief to save the government money but to save them embarrassment when patients drop like flies from hospital borne infections.) Anyway the point is we can't eat, smoke, drink or phone. Our children can't play outside because the world is full of pedophiles and knife wielding hoodies. We are encourage to recycle everything from condoms to crisp packets and yet we are embarking on a program of nuclear power stations from the debris which will take generations to disperse if ever.
Don't let your children and grandchildren eat the wrong food ..they might get obese !
But let them grow two heads and suffer with our legacy into the next millennium

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