3 February 2009

We All Love the Middle East

Question: someone kicks you and your family out of your home, giving you hours to leave, and you retaliate by spitting in their face; is that someone then justified in bombing the shit out of you? cause that wonderful, peaceful, 'religious',biblical stalwart called Israel seems to think the answer to that question is yes.
Why does everyone support them is it belated shame for the holocaust? Perhaps someone should tell Israel that the Arabs weren't involved in the 2nd World War.Better still the west should bang their heads together and stop using politics and vested interest to support and sustain the conflict.
Often it is not what happens, but how it is perceived and to many in the Middle East the West's support of Israel is seen as an affront to their religion of Islam and produces discontent and dissolution, radicalising many young Muslims and endangering the lives of many by producing the kind of panic in authorities that killed Jean Charles de Menezes

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