21 April 2009

Global Warming,Bankers & the Government

And by the way this topic of global warming, climate change and all that so called scientific clap trap. Why is it that we the great British public have to stop leaving TVs and computers on standby turn off lights, only have dull low energy light bulbs by which you can barely see to tie you shoe laces,and generally use less power to "SAVE THE PLANET" whilst shops can burn lights 24 hours a day have heating on full blast and government ministers drive around in energy guzzling cars and plan to build a third runway at Heathrow...very green that!

The trouble with not leaving stuff on standby is that components wear out quicker by turning them on and off. Could that be the real reason for this blitz on the consumer. Dynamic obselesence rears its ugly head.... I only wish it worked on governments too ! 

I am told that the lights and computers in the City of London, the so called heart of the economy, are never turned off. The bankers are too busy losing other peoples money to worry about Global warming, in fact they probably already gambled a load of it on the date of the next Ice Age.

This is real climate change: Economy over-heating, bankers losing their jobs (now come on don't laugh)And when the screens all change from blue to red and the "Warming" is complete we can close down the Casino (The new name for the City coined after the great Meltdown)and recycle all the workers as financial journalists, or that wonderful government idea of fast tracking them as teachers to show our kids how to be greedy and irresponsible. We can recycle all their computers and laptops as well, except the ones that contain personal data we would have to give them to a government minister to leave on a train!

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