15 July 2009

Global Warming Symptom or Cause ?

Lets be clear about all this global warming crap. Of course the climate's changing it has before we were all here and it will do again. So called global warming is a symptom not the cause.The real problem facing the world is overpoulation. There's too many frigging people on the planet!! Whether you look at immigration or emigration on racial or religious lines it doesn't matter, there is a net increase in the world population of 150 EVERY minute. It doesn't take a genius to work out that that is using extra resources: cutting down more trees for houses and land, consuming more fish, which by the way accelerates global warming as the bones of certain fish can fix nitrogen in the water which helps to absorb the carbon.
Population increase has slowed down wherever women have become educated, it was only a generation ago in this country when it quite normal to have five, six or even more children. Perhaps governments should spend their, sorry our money, on education in Africa and Asia to liberate the women of the Third World and help the planet.There is of course a problem with this in that some extreme Moslem countries are against female education, but the only other ways to deal with population increase is by compulsion as China does, Frequent wars or a pandemic with the release of a deadly virus. Take your pick.
It wont really matter if we baking in the hot sun, or shrivelling up in the rain. We wont be able to move very far because there will too many people around

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