25 October 2009

Mosques in the Vatican?

So we live in a multicultural society.Does this mean I can now charge double fares in my taxi during Ramadan as the Muslim drivers do during Christmas.After all they don't celebrate Christs birth I don't celebrate Mohammeds, so that should be fine.
As I see it we have two options either everyone takes EVERY reglious holiday: Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Chinese,Christian etc etc. in which case the factories and schools would never open, or we all take our own which would mean of course ALL religions other than christian would work over Xmas for normal pay. Great for the economy, production would rocket and factories could remain open all year.

Of course there is a third option: Just remain a Christian country with one culture. After all if this idea of multicultural society catches on we could have churches in Saudi Arabia,and Mosques in the Vatican.As religion and customs are man made and developed within a society, surely they should remain within the very society that created them? Or is that too radical for the mealey mouthed sandal wearers who appear to have taken over the asylum!

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