13 November 2009

Save money - Abolish Parliament?

As all the major parties use' whips' why don't limit parliament to the bare minimum the cabinet and shadow cabinet In essence you only need one person to represent each party, and even then that's too many in view of the Lisbon treaty where Europe will now control what we have breakfast and where we go at night perhaps we should abolish parliament altogether, or is that what 'they' want.
Perhaps the answer is to abolish party politics and allow only independents (something by the way that is outlawed in Europe) Reduce the numbers to about 400 and we could have a useful talking shop and political base from which to govern the country, assuming of course that that is purpose of parliament which I must admit leaves me in some doubt.
I want a government that deals effectively with real issues that affect our lives and our childrens lives. World population increase is a number one problem but no one wants to deal with it, instead they fob us off with global warming and turning off light bulbs to reduce carbon. Less people on the planet would reduce carbon I think!
It is a proven fact that where women are educated the birth rate drops . Spend billions on educating the women of the third world instead of using it to try to alter the natural order of things (global warming is a natural phenomena)
Ok rant finished basically if we got rid of party interests and put Human and World interests first we might , just might survive on this planet a little longer

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