25 November 2009

Education, Education, Education!

So was the the Labour Party's famous war cry, so why now are thousands of school leavers are entering the workplace with an inability to read & write The newspapers run headlines'One in 3 Schools Failing' or Primary schools to give lessons in gender equality.At the other end of the scale the numbers passing A-levels rise year on year. At the present rate in 2012 more will pass than actually take the exams. What is happening to our education system? What is education for ? Do it blindly follow the national curriculum or produce well rounded individuals with good grounding in all subjects. Knowledge for knowledges sake.

Ed Balls announced last week that History ,Geography and such traditional subjects will be replaced in a 'new curriculum' with social networking and blogging. As long as we have a Prime Minister who can't spell and an Education minister with daft ideas how can Ofsted blame teachers for the fall in education standards? Of course there are bad teachers but the vast majority are hard working and conscientious. There are 'bad' schools too lacking in money resources and staff. But where are the next generation of teachers going to spring from

Under Ed Balls scheme 'teachers' could have a degree in Networking and Blogging, perhaps then we could close all the schools and they could teach kids from their desktop. Think of the savings. Think of all that extra money we could give to the banks

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