16 November 2009

Our Beautiful City!

The building site , formerly known as Coventry is obviously destined to become a Mecca for tourists. They can enjoy the decaying medieval buildings left to rot by the council. They can smell the sweet aroma of urine and vomit on the city streets. They can sit in traffic congested one way systems behind a hundred buses belching out toxic fumes and not appearing to go anywhere. (They could of course get on one of the buses but you need to tender the exact fare and that’s difficult when you don’t know the amount. The can visit the numerous pubs, in fact they would have to if they need a toilet at night , because after the shops close there aren’t any!
There is the nice Romanesque Bus station where you can see..well nothing certainly not buses! Is this the only Bus station in the country that doesn’t have buses?. A visiting tourist can admire the graffiti and picturesque fly posters that adore the walls and not forgetting the flashing blue lights that shoot up and down the tower blocks in the city centre telling you what the weather will be like. Well worth a visit.! (Don’t the council realise the weather is available free on teletext.)
Coventry was once a proud place, the most important in the area. It grew into a smart modern city. We've had until recently, an unchanged council for many years, have they become complacent? Are they still in charge or have they turned over the asylum to the lunatics, although they might conceivably do a better job. Where’s the soul? where’s the life? and where’s the sense in paying these people to run our city. Don’t vote for them it only encourages them and inflates their egos!

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