19 November 2009

Two Countries

Once upon  a time there were two countries, one of these countries had a little bomb so the other one got one too. “We can’t have this.” Said the general “let’s build a bigger one;” and so they did. Their adversaries did the same. So they built bigger bombs, better bombs, flying bombs, floating bombs and finally nuclear bombs, millions and millions of dollars, pounds and roubles to satisfy schoolboy egos. (Surely it’s just the adult equivalent of fireworks) but unfortunately its one firework display that no-one can witness. Winning the nuclear arms war means never having to say sorry
            Take for instance Trident, I wish somebody would as far away as possible, each Trident submarine carries 24 missiles, each missile has between 8 and 17 warheads and each warhead  a blast equivalent to 100,000 tons of TNT. Total replacement cost of Polaris with Trident is £5000 millions. The cost of staffing a medium sized general hospital is £120 million. We could build many more hospitals, houses for the staff and still have money left over to buy the generals a few sparklers.
            Once upon a time there were two countries, no people and just two countries.

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