3 December 2009

Bankers & Bonuses

So the RBS board will resign enblock if Alistair Darling stops them paying out millions in bonuses. Now I'm not against people being rewarded for their efforts but how much effort did it take to make the record 6 Billion profit they made?
Lets remember the competition has declined Lehman Brothers, Golman Sachs etc; they have had a massive cash boost from the taxpayer plus quantative easing (Printing money to me & you) If many of the TV and cable channels disappeared and the remaining ones received government finance would it be any surprise if they made a fortune? Would they the deserve massive bonuses ? I think not!
These whizzkids have achieved their wondrous profit not by hard graft but by a combination if luck and government intervention.Once competition is eliminated and a bottomless pit of money is put at your disposal I' m sure almost anyone could have made a profit. Perhaps even The Chancellor
Go Mr Darling do your stuff and let the bankers go after all there's plenty on the dole to fill their place

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