8 May 2010

Ferguson & Wenger in Secret Talks

Ferguson & Wenger were today being closeted away in the bowels of Lancaster House at the FA in a bid to find areas where their differing football philosophy agree. Wenger initiated the talks when he realised that a joint bid between Man Utd & Arsenal for the Premiership would keep Chelsea off the top spot.
Ferguson said in a press conference "Although Chelsea have more points they don't have a clear majority over Arsenal & Man Utd. The system is obviously unfair" Wenger added that he disputed some of Chelsea wins anyway because he hadn't seen them!
If the talks are successful Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill & Man City's Mancini said they too would launch a joint bid for fourth spot & the coveted European cup place. Rafa Benitez had promised that his Liverpool team would get 4th but he refused to negotiate with Mancini opening the door for O'Neill

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