15 May 2010

A letter from "Disgruntled" in 'Middle England'

   I'm rather fed up with politicians and media types telling me that we got what we voted for in the General Election. I don't remember there being a Con -Lib option on the ballot paper. We voted for no-one, not trusting any party to run the asylum on their own.I do wonder if Gordon Brown had resigned, once Mr Clegg decided to two time his wife with Cameron and begin his long courtship, whether or not there would have been time to formulate the coalition . Had Brown toddled off to the palace on the Friday  Cameron may have been forced into a minority government. Plenty of governments survive like that , but certainly not for five years and they definitely would not have been allowed to change the 'Vote of Confidence' rules to 55%

  Seems strange that a Liberal Democrat government supports such an undemocratic act. Still  stranger is that on the verge of a break-though in British politics the liberals decide to commit hari- kari and submerge themselves into the Conservatives.Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely, at least Nick Clegg will go down in history as the man who killed the Liberals, just as Blair buried Labour .The Tories have and always will support business and the well off ,that is their  template and they achieve their aims admirably. Labour started with it's idealism supporting workers, indeed its finance comes from the unions ,but was turned towards the mythical 'Middle England' rejecting the working class in the country.It now seems to support dole scroungers,immigrants and criminals whilst the gap between rich and poor widens ever more.

  Hopefully Labour can realign itself and begin to remember its roots. No-one is suggesting people should not have aspirations to better themselves, and governments should encourage this, and I'm not advocating left wing union politics , but a little support for honest hard working people in this country would not go amiss. The last election provided a choice of right wing conservatism or right wing conservatism, bordering on fascism in the case the of Labour.Essentially a choice between tax hikes ,cuts and the gap between the rich and poor getting ever wider.

There was of course smaller parties and had Mr Clegg pushed harder in his 'marriage contract' with Cameron he may well have helped those smaller parties make progress in the unfair lottery of our electoral system. The proposed AV system will do nothing  but entrench the current parties in their dominant position The dilemma of Pr and the example of horse trading we have just witnessed could mean for example, the BNP gaining a few seats and forming an alliance with others.The greed for power overshadows any principles, and who knows what offspring may be born from the Clegg-Cameron marriage.I wish them well and hope they'll be very happy together although  I do hope they can settle the divorce amicably when the time time comes.

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